Daily Van Benefits

New Daily van. The most versatile space.

New Daily Van combines the right transport capacity with maximum productivity:

The DAILY Van is the most suitable solution for all South African Medium Commercial transport missions. A champion of reliability and strength, the DAILY Van is an agile and compact vehicle which offers manoeuvrability in urban traffic as well as high commercial speeds over long distances. All of this translates into maximum productivity.

Daily tackles any type of trip and mission in an ecological and economic way - with 2 power levels (146 and 176 HP), 4 gross vehicle weight variants (from 3.5 to 7 t), a cargo capacity up to 4.2 t and a towing capacity of up to 3.5 t.

The 3 interior heights, the 3 wheelbases and the 3 lengths, create 5 different cargo volumes (from 8.3 to 17.2 m3).

Combining all product variations, the customer can build a van which is practically tailor made.

The Daily offers a complete range with the right solution for any load requirement and thanks to the wide side sliding doors (available on the left or right side or both sides together), it can also be loaded from the side. The two rear doors open up 270 degrees all the way to the sides of the vehicle in order to reduce external protrusion in confined spaces. The interior height of up to 2.10 m permits even tall people to move about easily in the cargo area.

The DAILY is also available with twin rear wheels for loads with high specific weight.

In the Daily bus version, up to 22 passengerscan be accommodated.

Daily Van Gearboxes & Suspension

Solutions for all missions.

The Daily Van is equipped, depending on the engine, with manual 5 or 6 speed transmissions. The Daily offers a complete range of suspensions able to satisfy the needs of any mission, and offers car level comfort at the same time:

At the front, an independent suspension with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, a torsion bar (transversal leaf spring on 35S “Single rear wheel” models) and anti roll bars; on the rear axle, parabolic or, semi-elliptical with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers and anti roll bars.

Depending on the engine, Daily Van are equipped with: 5 speed mechanical gearboxes plus reverse on 2.3 litre Common Rail Turbo Intercooler 6 speed mechanical gearboxes plus reverse on 3 litre Common Rail Turbo Intercooler.

A super hero work in the city.

All Euro5 versions are available automated transmission AGile ™ 6-speed and reverse.

Change AGile™ choosing the right gear according to the route and the load, thus reducing the fatigue of the driver, optimising fuel consumption and reducing component wear.

The electronic controls, in fact, prevent the "over-revving" so fewer demands on the engine are placed and thus ensures a longer life. Change AGile™ also analyzes the pressure on the accelerator pedal, and adapts its response to the driving style of the driver. It is used both in automatic mode, in either sequenziale.

Daily Van Security

First in safety.

 The Daily Van is at the leading edge of active and passive safety systems.

The semi-forward cab is the ideal structure to optimise the absorption of any front bumps, guaranteeing greater safety and lower repair costs.

Daily is the first vehicle in its category to offer ESP with load stability control (Load Adaptive Control): which can be combined with a mechanical differential lock.

The latest generation ESP is fitted to the Daily (as an optional feature) and integrates all of the vehicles safety functions:

ABS and EBD comes as standard on all models over 3.5T GVM with ASR, MSR, HBA, Hill Holder and Load Adaptive Control available as optional features on request.

For South Africa, driver and passenger air bags are now standard on all Daily models with window air bags available as an option.

The oversized rear view mirrors with integrated wide angle mirrors, guarantee safety whilst the vehicle is in motion and during manoeuvres.

Daily Van Range

A versatile vehicle

New Daily Van is available in the following configurations:

The Daily Van is available in two distinct ranges:

Single wheel van at 3.5 t GVW for urban and inter urban use. It can be compact and agile which makes it the ideal vehicle for commercial activities such as shops, laundries, electrical and plumbing maintenance services, cleaning companies and urban door to door transport.

Within South Africa, it is often converted for use with the Emergency Services including Mobile Blood Clinics and Ambulances. It can also have a greater cargo capacity and volume - an ideal vehicle for inter urban and mid range transport, for delivery of domestic appliances or temperature controlled catering services.

Classic twin rear wheels at 5.4 t van, an untiring champion of performance for the most challenging uses (from construction and industrial to drinks and paper transport to emergency services).

Daily Van Engines

Environmentally friendly engines.

New Daily van offers the widest range of engines, is highly innovative in the world of commercial transport, is the expression of the highest engine technology and has maximum respect for the environment:

Daily embodies the latest engine technology, by providing maximum respect for the environment.

The Daily offer is the most complete in its category, with a total of 3 available engines - including the brand new Natural power version which, besides the traditional economic and ecological advantages of methane engines, adds petrol power in "recovery mode" thanks to an auxiliary reserve petrol tank.

The Daily engines provide maximum flexibility in the world of medium commercial professional transport: maximum torque is available from even the lowest revs and is constant for a wide range of operation.

All of the inspection points for routine checks are easily accessible (this also contributes to minimising vehicle downtime).

Design innovation makes the Daily one of the most economical medium commercial vehicles available, while operating with excellent fuel economy.

The new Daily engines have been improved in terms of technology and performance.

Two types of engine, compliant to Euro 3 emissions standard, are available:

2.3 litre Common Rail Turbo Intercooler: Delivers 116 HP with a maximum torque of 270 Nm for 3.5 ton GVM single wheel vans.

3 litre Common Rail Turbo Intercooler: Delivers 146 HP with maximum torque of 350 Nm on all twin rear wheel vans at 5.4 Tons GVM.  **

**The 3.0 engine (available on all models) has great torque and power. The 3.0 HPI deliver s 146 HP (107kW), with torque of 350 Nm.

The highest torque at the lowest number of revolutions, combined with the movement of the rear traction, make the NEW DAILY unbeatable on any road. The turbine guarantees high performance levels and optimises the inflow of air to the combustion chamber. ?

Because we are constantly thinking ahead, the NEW DAILY engine is designed with tomorrow’s world in mind - a world where efficiency, environmental awareness and intelligent use of resources will be increasingly significant. The quality of our engines is shown by a constant maximum torque over a wide range, available from the lowest engine speed, meaning they are comfortable in heavy traffic and respond quickly to sudden acceleration. The reduced strain on the engine means lower fuel consumption, increased productivity and less mechanical stress, ensuring a longer lifespan. The high level of innovation makes the NEW DAILY engine among the most eco-friendly on the market: this means fewer traffic restrictions today and a higher residual value tomorrow.