Aggregates Carrier

Aggregate transport

Tipper body.

The Trakker can be fitted with any type of tipper body for the transport of quarry or mine aggregates. The New Trakker's strengths in this arena are:

  • frame in high-yield-strength, high-flexural-strength and high-torsion-strength steel
  • mechanical or air suspension requiring no maintenance or greasing
  • a wide range of power take-offs with 1 or 2 shafts with pump mounting bracket, capable of meeting all requirements associated with different types of tipper body;
  • shortened rear overhangs for minimising bodybuilder modifications and conversion times;
  • omega mounting brackets already located on the frame for mounting tipping subframes;
  • tipping rear underrun protection
  • cab customisation with inspection step and roof grab-handle for load inspection and tarpaulin operations;
  • vehicle manoeuvring warning lights; o vehicle reversing audible signal
  • lower radiator protection against accidental impacts.

For aggregates transport, Iveco recommends 3- or 4-axle versions: with Cursor 13 engine (up to 440 HP) for heavy-duty applications (available with partial or all-wheel drive).

New Trakker Hi Versatility


The ideal configuration for every mission.

The New Trakker range includes:

  • 2 versions (chassis cab and tractor) with gross vehicle weight of up to 40 tonnes (chassis cab) and 56 tonnes (in the tractor + semi-trailer combination),
  • 2 engines (8 and 13 litres) with 4 power ratings up to 500HP,
  • 5 transmissions (16-speed manual and EuroTronic 12-speed and 16-speed automated),
  • 2 cabs: short (Hi-Land) for daily use, and long (Hi-Track) for applications involving overnight stops,
  • 2 heights of roof (low and high),
  • 2, 3 or 4 axles with partial or all-wheel drive (4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 and 8x8).

These features can be combined with a wide range of frames, suspensions and final drive ratios. The wealth of variants means you will always find the right vehicle for your mission: in total, the New Trakker is available in over 1,700 factory versions.

Thanks to this huge range, the New Trakker is always the right vehicle for every application:

  • aggregates transport (tipper body),
  • concrete transport (concrete mixer),
  • highway maintenance
  • and special transport.

The agility and robustness of the Trakker also make it the ideal choice for rescue services (fire and rescue, civil protection) and defence applications.

New Trakker Hi-Design

Hi Design.

To achieve the highest levels of productivity, beyond the reach of others, the New Trakker has further improved its performance. For Iveco, looking after the driver means not only providing an ideal work vehicle, but also offering robust, functional design.

Smart practical solutions.

The New Trakker is enhanced with styling solutions that give even more strength to its unmistakable looks.

The new front stands out for its central grille, re-designed bumper cladding and re-styled sun visor. Vehicle protection All structural and cab parts have been designed with a mix of on- and off-road use in mind. The steel front bumper is divided into three parts to reduce the cost of replacement in the event of partial damage. A protective grille is fitted as standard on the light-clusters, to protect them against damage caused by stones or protruding objects. A steel plate under the front bumper can also be specified as an option, to protect the radiator and intercooler system. The New Trakker also comes with vertical silencers as standard, for use of equipment when the vehicle is stationary with the engine on.

New Trakker Hi-Comfort & Ergonomics

Hi comfort and ergonomics.

The cab of the New Trakker is designed around the driver. Class-leading ergonomics, comfort, safety and infotainment provide an optimum work environment that maximises productivity on every job.

Three cab versions are available:

  • short (Hi-Land)
  • long (Hi-Track)
  • long with high roof (Hi-Track)

The driver's seat plays a key role in the driver's work environment. On the New Trakker, it is equipped with:

  • integrated head restraint and seat belt
  • adjustable air suspension and a quick lowering device
  • seat swab adjustable for height, angle and depth (with optional heating)
  • adjustable seat back with lumbar support

The New Trakker can be approved to accommodate up to three people.

Even in quarry vehicles, it is vital to have plenty of high-capacity storage compartments to keep the things you need tidy. All the compartments are within easy reach and are easy to open and close.

Depending on the type of cab, the storage compartments are located:

  • in the overhead windscreen rack
  • between the driver and passenger seats
  • under the seats
  • under the bottom bunk (Hi-Track cab only)
  • in the doors



New Trakker Hi-Land


Ideal for short-haul work.

The Hi-Land short cab version, which is suited to short-haul work, has been designed to offer ideal work conditions even when you're stationary. There's plenty of space behind the driver's seat, and the practical features include coat-hooks, central storage module with built-in table/desk, and an optional third seat.

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