Daily 4x4 Benefits

New Daily 4x4 high performance truck.

The New Daily 4x4 joins Iveco’s impressive product line-up. Iveco is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a complete range of all wheel drive vehicles, up to 8x8 for quarries and work sites).

The Daily tackles any type of trip and mission in an ecological and economic way – with a (146 HP) power, a gross vehicle weight of (5.5 t) and a towing capacity of up to 3.5 t.

Thanks to its design, the New Daily 4x4 guarantees the performance of a true off-road vehicle:• departure angle 51°,• approach angle 31° for the short and 27° for the long wheelbases,• departure angle (with rear bar raised) 42° short and 36° long wheelbases,• fording depth up to 700 mm.

The vehicle can be equipped with 5 types of power take-offs for operation of external equipment through hydraulic pumps.

The CAN-Bus architecture with "expansion module" allows the electric/electronic system of the vehicle to interface with the systems on the ancillary equipment: this way all of the connections pass through a standard connection.

New Daily 4x4 offers the best combination of payload and off-road performance in the light truck category and guarantees mobility on any route, in any climate and with any road surface condition.

This product is the result of a rigorous off-road set up:

  • truck-derived chassis (side-members in special steel with a 5 mm thick C section) which makes it suitable for difficult missions with specific customisations such as snow ploughs and cranes,
  • permanent all wheel drive transmission with three available differential locks (front, rear, central),
  • 24 forward gear ratios and 4 reverse overall with the possibility of selecting the first synchronised reduction (half speed) with the vehicle in motion,
  • parabolic suspension with live front axle.


Daily 4x4 Comfort

Comfortable, manageable, and easy to drive.

New Daily 4x4 is a powerful and versatile off-road vehicle which guarantees the same level of comfort as the New Daily on-road vehicle.

The dash-fitted gear lever permits car-type driving and does not obstruct movement inside the cab.

The switches for locking the differentials and the power take-off control are within easy reach of the driver. In addition to the numerous compartments and drawers, there are two DIN slots for the radio and tachograph (plus a third optional slot in the over windscreen storage area).

The standard configuration provides a single seat (adjustable in three positions) for the driver and a dual bench seat for the passengers.

Daily 4x4 Gearboxes & Suspension

Specific solutions for off-road missions.

The Iveco New Daily 4x4 is equipped with permanent all wheel drive with differential lock.

The torque distribution (32% on the front axle and 68% on the rear) is designed to offer perfect grip on any terrain.

The 6 speed transmission (sixth overdrive) is coupled to the central transfer box with two reduction gears in order to obtain:

  • 24 forward gear ratios: 12 for mixed routes and 12 for offroad routes (6x2 + 6x2)
  • and 4 reverse.

The first synchronised reduction gear can be selected (half speed) with the vehicle in motion, whilst the second reduction gear, for more off-road use, must be selected when the vehicle is stationary. Selection and disconnection of the three differential locks depends on the action of a control unit and, by using specific buttons on the dash, the driver can decide to activate them even with the vehicle in motion.

New Daily 4x4 suspension is particularly suited to off-road use. The parabolic longitudinal leaf springs are highly flexible and have ample range. The axles, mounted on leaf springs, guarantee stability and traction in difficult off-road conditions. The telescopic shock absorbers and the anti-roll stabiliser bars, together with the live axle, allow for excellent performance on any type of terrain and slope without penalising load capacity.

Daily 4x4 Engines

Environmentally friendly engines.

The DAILY 4X4 is an extraordinary vehicle that can deliver abundant power under tough conditions and for its particularly wide torque band. The heart of the DAILY 4X4 is a 3.0 litre , 16 valve, 150 HP (350 Nm) common rail diesel engine with double overhead cams and a turbocharged intercooler. Superior performance and reliability are complemented by amazing flexibility: high torque (350 Nm) is constantly available even at low engine speeds to ensure superb driving comfort and reduced fuel consumption.

Daily 4x4 History


The Daily 4x4 continues a tradition which dates back to 1985 when Iveco introduced its first four wheel drive Daily (manufactured until 2000).

The current model is distinguished by a generally sturdier set up, characterised by a driveline with a central transfer box typical of large vehicles. Unlike the first generation, the transformation compared to the two wheel drive version this time is practically total, the only points of contact remaining being the cab (placed, however, higher and further back) and the engine power unit, the most powerful in the range.