New Stralis Hi-Profitablility

Truck of the Year 2013.

Think big. The new Stralis is an outstanding solution for the present and future needs of the haulage business, and the only vehicle in its class to offer such a wide and integrated range of functions for optimising costs.


  • The new Stralis is designed to live and work better:
  • A cabin unique in style, comfort and unsurpassed in offering revolutionary technology.
  • The system IVECONNECT.
  • The driving ergonomics, controls the seats, from beds to storage compartments, from materials and colors.
  • The lowest consumption in its class
  • ¬†Reliability and residual value increasing by the day.
  • A service ready and accessible.

Today the new HI-WAY IVECO Stralis offers the best cost of ownership over the life cycle of the vehicle.

Total cost of ownership

?Lower TCO.

The NEW STRALIS is the outcome of IVECO's commitment to increasing your productivity.

That's why we've focused so much attention on reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), by minimising operating costs (consumption and maintenance) and maximising residual value and the efficiency of fleet management.

DRIVER 33%: IVECONNECT FLEET enables you to keep a constant eye on your drivers' driving and rest hours, thus avoiding fines and increasing the overall availability and efficiency of your fleet. The integration of the data into your IT system optimises and automates logistical activities, and significantly reduces costs as a result.

INVESTMENT 8%: A product's residual value reflects its intrinsic quality: that's why we've developed a new cab with top-quality materials and innovative on-board equipment.

REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE 5%: Maintenance and assistance: the NEW STRALIS offers peak performance in this area too, with specific services for maximising productivity, such as ANS 24 non-stop roadside assistance and ELEMENTS tailored after-sales programmes, at an extremely competitive price.

FUEL 36%: Fuel is your biggest cost factor. To optimise efficiency, the NEW STRALIS offers all the technologies already used on ECOSTRALIS.

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