Quester GKE - Features

Engine GH11

Quester comes with a 11-liter highly-efficient diesel engine, with low fuel consumption and superior performance, putting you one step ahead of the competition. Available power from 370hp, all with air-to-air intercooler turbocharging, integrated into a proven powertrain offering a 9-speed transmission, to perfectly match the engine and the task.

Cabin safety

The Quester cab has passed the ECE R29/AIS029 crash safety test, which includes a front impact test and a simulated roof strength test, showing that the cab is able to withstand impacts and provide a safe space for the driver. In case of fire or road accidents the roof hatch of the high roof cab can also be used as an emergency escape.

Fuel-efficient driving

Quester comes with a real-time Fuel coaching system built in. The display shows the driver when to shift, brake or accelerate for maximum time in the engines optimum fuel efficient rev range. The system is simple to understand and easy to use. It’s easy to download data – such as distance, fuel consumption and sweet spot time – and review the logs to improve your transport efficiency even further. UD Trucks’ fuel-efficiency training is an additional service. Our courses in economical driving also teach you how to use the truck's Fuel coaching system to get the most out of the engine for smarter, more cost-efficient driving.